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Clean house helps mental health

Clean house helps mental health

Decluttering and tidying room by room is proven to calm your mind and create a more peaceful environment in your home.

Organised and clean house can give you a stability and happiness and serious psychological benefits. It’s not just physical health benefits that removing clutter, dust and dirt can bring - it’s also improved indoor air quality.

When our interior living spaces are cluttered, it will have a negative impact on our mood.

Research shows that people who live in clean and organised homes are likely to choose healthy food too, great news for your diet. It also encourages people to explore new opportunities and become more adventurous, go out more often and be able to manage and handle negative feelings better. If you are struggling with your focus and concentration then decluttering may help too.


A study found that if your house is organised, you will be more happy, eating healthier foods, getting better sleep, being more active and even building your immune system.


Let’s not dance around the obvious - cleaning is mindless. But this mindlessness allows you to practice meditation and mindfulness without you even knowing it.

Increase your productivity

Clean house allows you to focus and be more productive because your mind is not distracted by clutter and dirt.

Improve your social confidence

Are you anxious every time you have visitors coming over to your house? How confident you are about your house cleanliness shows off outside your home, in your confidence.

Be more creative

If you take care of your home and keep it clean, you may get creative by thinking of new decor ideas, storage and furniture layout.

Reduce the ‘blame game’

Is your other half blaming you when they can’t find something? Get your house in order, organise your living space and have place for every thing.

Cleaning gives you a sense of control over your environment.

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