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How to clean after you've been ill

How to clean after you've been ill

When a family member is sick you need to know how to clean and destroy germs left behind by flu viruses and stomach bugs to make sure no other members of your household get sick.

Clean first, then disinfect

When you wipe down your kitchen counter with soapy water you can get rid of some germs. In a household where someone had the flu or had been vomiting, you need to destroy the germs by disinfecting. Clean with a cleaner that specifically says ‘disinfectant’ or mix a solution of hot water and bleach into a clean spray bottle. Bleach is the best in killing stomach bug germs and flu viruses.

Germs hide in moist places

Especially your kitchen or bathroom sponge is the perfect breeding ground for germs and spreading sickness. If someone in your household is sick then you should throw away the sponge and use a microfiber cloth instead. It also soaks up bacteria and other germs much better.

If you really want to keep your sponge then wet it and put in a microwave for 2 minutes to kill the germs.

Wear gloves

Disposable gloves can protect your skin from cleaning products while keeping them safe from germs. Once you are done cleaning you can just throw them away. Don’t forget to still wash your hands afterwards.

Start in the bathroom

Bathroom usually tops the list of household areas with the most germs, even more so if someone in your household is sick. The best way to disinfect is to use hot water and bleach and wipe clean everything including cabinet handles, light switches and doorknobs.


Make sure that anyone who is ill is not cooking while having symptoms. Keep disinfecting everything they touch - inside drawers, fridge handle, microwave, stove knobs etc.

The bedrooms

Every day change the pillowcase for your sick family member. If they are vomiting or have a diarrhea you should wash their bed linen, toys and pyjamas every day too. Wash in the hottest water possible and dry on the hottest possible setting. Don’t forget to disinfect night stands and bedposts or whatever else the sick person may have touched.

The living room

There’s plenty of germs on a surfaces you may have not think about. Disinfect remote controls, computer keyboards, smartphones and even you car keys.

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