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Cleaning hacks for your home office

Cleaning hacks for your home office

Your home office desk is used not only for your computer or laptop, phone and paperwork but also your coffee cup and most likely lunch.

Clean your home office desk

Your desk could be 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat, clean it regularly to keep it tidy and hygienic. Clear the desk as much as you can, removing the paperwork, keyboard and monitor or laptop from the desk. Use a damp cloth and antibacterial spray to wipe it. You could use a home-made antibacterial spray by combining one part water and one part white vinegar. Wipe the keyboard, mouse and anything else with Dettol antibacterial wipes.

Clean your home office chair

Clean your home office chair by vacuuming the dust, food particles or hair that get into the chair’s cavities and hard to reach places. You can use damp rubber gloves or a damp cloth to get rid of pet hair from your fabric office chair.

To clean stains from your fabric chair, use an upholstery cleaner and a clean, lint-free cloth.

Clean the keyboard

You may be surprised at what can end up in your keyboard - dust, hair, food. Don’t have a keyboard full of germs; clean it regularly. Disconnect the keyboard from your computer or turn off your laptop. Hold the keyboard upside down for debris to fall away. Use your vacuum attachment or can of compressed air to get rid of dust and debris. Using a cotton bud lightly dipped into isopropyl alcohol clean the edges of each key. Lastly, dip a microfibre cloth into isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe the keyboard.

Clean the computer screen

Your screen should be turned off when cleaning it, never apply pressure or spray a cleaning product directly on to the screen. Before turning your screen back on allow it to dry completely.

Use clean and soft microfibre cloth. Computer screens are sensitive to scratches and kitchen roll or tap water with minerals could leave deposits.

You can make your cleaning solution by mixing one part filtered, distilled water, and distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle. Or you can use computer screen cleaning wipes.

Clean the light switches

Wipe light switches, doorknobs and cabinet handles every week with Dettol antibacterial wipes to keep them smudge and germs free.

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