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Clean your house while you sleep

Clean your house while you sleep

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could clean your house while you sleep? Good news! Some cleaning chores can be taken care of during your sleep.

Remove limescale from a showerhead

Is your showerhead clogged with mineral deposits? Can you feel a change in the water pressure coming out of your showerhead? There’s an easy way to clean limescale from showerhead overnight. All you have to do is fill a clean plastic bag with vinegar. Securely place the bag around the showerhead, making sure it’s fully submerged. Overnight the vinegar will break down the limescale, and by morning you just clean the showerhead with ease.

Remove baked-on food from pans

Did you know that you can use a dryer sheet to clean burnt-on food from pots and pans? Well, now you do. Place the dryer sheet on the pan and fill with warm water. Overnight the cleaning agents in the dryer sheet will loosen the stains and grime. You can then wipe off with a sponge in the morning.

Clean stove burners

Stove burners can get greasy and spilt with food very easy but cleaning them is a chore nobody looks forward to. Spend your evening relaxing with a book or watching your favourite TV show rather than scrubbing grimy stove burners. Fill a clean plastic bag with 1/4 cup of ammonia for each stove burner and place one stove burner inside. Soaking overnight will make it effortless to wipe off the surface with a sponge.

Remove urine or vomit from carpets and sofas

Accidents happen, but now there’s a handy tip to clean it up. Mix baking soda and water into a paste to soak up the mess. Spread the paste over the area using an old spoon. It will dry overnight, and in the morning you can just vacuum it.

Descale your kettle

It’s never been faster and easier to remove water deposits from your kettle. Cut a lemon into large slices, place inside the kettle, add water and bring to a boil and leave overnight. The citric acid in lemons will loosen the limescale overnight. Don’t forget to throw away the lemon mixture in the morning and rinse the kettle before using it for your morning cuppa.

Clean bathroom toys

Mix 3/4 cup of vinegar to 4.5litres of warm water and leave the toys to soak overnight. Rinse the toys thoroughly in the morning and leave to dry.

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