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Are you cleaning the dirtiest places in your home

Are you cleaning the dirtiest places in your home

If we would ask you to think of the dirtiest places in your home you would most likely point to the toilet or bins. You would be correct; however, there are a lot more places around your home that germs love. Some of them are more overlooked than others when it comes to a regular house cleaning routine. It doesn’t take a lot of your time to add these to your “to-do list” of cleaning jobs. If you don’t have time then you could try hiring your local deep cleaning services company.

Are you cleaning your door handles and light switches?

How many times have you cleaned light switches and door handles? Probably only a couple of times, perhaps more often if you have kids and have sticky light switches and door handles. Germs can be transferred to hard surfaces from our hands, and light switches and door handles are one of the most touched surfaces in your house. Yet so many people don’t clean them often enough. It will take you only minutes to wipe all light switches, and door handles with disinfecting wipes which you can then conveniently throw away. When we say door handles we also mean fridge and freezer door handles and oven door handle.

How often do you clean your carpets and rugs?

You walk on your rugs and carpets every day, in some households people wear shoes even at home. Think of all the grime, mud and dust that you can bring into your home on your shoes. It’s not only dust and grime that builds up in your carpet’s fibres, but it’s also food, hair and skin particles.

  • Hoover your carpets and rugs at least once a week
  • Sprinkle your carpets and rugs with carpet cleaning powder to freshen it up and remove odours
  • Book your local carpet cleaning company to professionally clean your carpets and rugs at least once a year

  • Kitchen’s dirtiest places you should clean

    Inside of fridge and freezer

    Food crumbs and spills that are left in the fridge and freezer are not only an unpleasant sight but also breeding ground for germs.

  • Remove everything from your fridge
  • Wipe down all surfaces inside of the fridge
  • Wash all shelves and drawers in warm soapy water
  • Clean your fridge every month

  • Cutlery drawers

    Cutlery trays can easily collect crumbs. They are super easy to clean by either soaking the trays in warm soapy water or placing them in the dishwasher.

    Kitchen sink

    Perhaps unsurprisingly kitchen sink could be a breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned regularly. We use the kitchen sink to wash dirty dishes or prepare raw food, so it’s important to add kitchen sink cleaning to your weekly cleaning routine.

    Kitchen sponges

  • Clean your kitchen sponge in the dishwasher every day
  • Replace your kitchen sponge every two weeks
  • Use different sponge or cloth to clean your countertops to avoid spreading bacteria
  • Wash your kitchen towels every week

  • Oven hood / the extractor

    A greasy layer of dust and grime can build up on your oven hood or extractor over time but cleaning it regularly to prevent the build-up is quite easy. Wipe the extractor or oven hood every week. Remove the filters and soak in warm soapy water then drying them and placing back.

    Bathroom’s dirtiest places you should not forget to clean

    Toothbrush holder and soap dispenser

    Wash your toothbrush holder and soap dispenser with warm soapy water and vinegar to kill bacteria or clean them in a dishwasher.

    Bath towels

    After you dry yourself, you should hang your towel on a towel rail as opposed to a hook on the back of the bathroom door because it speeds up the drying process. You shouldn’t keep your bath towels damp for more than twenty minutes. Wash your bath towels every week.

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