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Professional office cleaning Barnsley

Office cleaning service tailored to your needs because no two offices are identical. Some may need an increased frequency in some office cleaning tasks based on the number of employees in the office. We can organise daily, weekly or monthly office cleaning tasks based on the needs of your business. Our office cleaning service is £25 per hour with minimum charge of £50.

We provide a high quality commercical cleaning service to companies in Carlton industrial estate, Wharncliffe industrial estate, Oaks business park, Grange lane industrial estate, Claycliffe business park and Enterprise 36+ located in Barnsley area.

Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpets regularly will keep them looking good and prevent premature wear. Yorkshire Cleaning Devils provides a professional carpet cleaning service to businesses in Barnsley that deeply cleans carpets, removes dirt from fibres, leaving them clean and fresh.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning inside of windows, glass doors or surfaces in your office, practice or retail unit. No more fingerprints and smudges, just shiny and streak free windows, doors and mirrors.

Floor Cleaning

Vacuuming and mopping floors in your office, GP practice, dental practice or retail unit. Cleaning floors in the kitchen area and washroom.

Kitchen Cleaning

Cleaning kitchen area including worktops and kitchen door units on a daily basis. If you require a more deep clean we can clean inside of the kitchen cupboards, inside of the fridge, microwave. Just let us know, we are flexible.

Dust Cleaning

Dusting all surfaces daily and can also provide more deep clean for example once a month.

Washroom Cleaning

Cleaning sinks, any limescale and splashbacks, polishing mirrors and other fixtures, toilets, doors and floors.

Why Choose us

We provide a variety of office cleaning services to businesses in Barnsley. If you require a cleaning service that is not listed, do get in touch as we are flexible and may be able to fulfil your business cleaning needs.

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Office cleaning services Barnsley

Proud to be one of the few Barnsley office cleaning companies that doesn't tie you into a long term contract.

The cleanliness of work environment is as important as cleanliness of your own house, hence Yorkshire Cleaning Devils provide professional cleaning services in Barnsley and surrounding areas. The importance is significant as your employees spend the office, workshop or practice a substantial amount of time and they should feel good there. Carlton industrial estate, Wharncliffe industrial estate, Oaks Business Park, Grange lane industrial estate, Claycliffe Business Park in Barnsley host many businesses and clients who are conscious about the workplace of their employees and chose to use Yorkshire Cleaning Devils to deliver the results.

If you are one of the businesses in need of our professional cleaning services such as office cleaning, carpet cleaning, windows and partitions cleaning, do not hesitate and get in touch with us so our team can provide you the cleaning you need. If you are located in Barnsley or in the Carlton industrial estate area, our team will guide you through the process and help you to select the right services for your business. Regardless whether it is office sanitising, keyboard cleaning, carpet cleaning or windows cleaning, Yorkshire Cleaning Devils will provide you with the office cleaning service you need.

The office cleaning frequencies are scheduled according to client’s needs: either daily, three times per week, twice per week or once per week. Cleaning duties are ranked based on the importance to the client and scheduled in adequate intervals to keep office clean and ready for the employees.

Glass cleaning services Barnsley

Do you have glass doors on your premises that require regular cleaning? Fingerprints, marks from weather, pollen or traffic pollution can quickly build up and make your doors an unwelcome sight. Our Barnsley office cleaning service offers highly professional cleaners that know how to clean glass smudges and smears, leaving your glass shiny again.

  • Entrance glass doors
  • Internal glass doors
  • Glass worktops or desks
  • Glass around stairways
  • Inside of windows

Office disinfection services Barnsley

Helping you keep germs and bacteria from spreading around your office workspace or medical practice. During cold and flu season your employees are vulnerable to the spread of diseases because germs transmit from one surface to another quickly. If you want to prevent more employees getting sick we would recommend having your office disinfected. Our Barnsley cleaners will disinfect common and hard to reach areas. Cleaning and sanitising computers, phones and IT equipment.

  • Desks
  • Office equipment
  • Chairs and kitchen areas
  • Reception area

GP practice cleaning services Barnsley

Working with you to create and then deliver a healthcare cleaning plan covering all functional areas and key elements within your practice. Well trained and experienced cleaners in Barnsley will strictly follow your plan, maintaining highest cleanliness standards at all times.

  • Doctors surgery
  • GP practice
  • Medical centres

Dental practice cleaning services Barnsley

Experienced in providing cleaning services to healthcare providers for many years in both the NHS and private sector. If you are a dental practice in Barnsley, get in touch to discuss your dental practice cleaning requirements.

  • Hours to suit you
  • CRB checked
  • Saves time and money
  • Confidentiality

Retail cleaning services Barnsley

Our friendly and reliable cleaners can clean small retail units in Barnsley. Helping you follow Health and Safety regulations by cleaning carpets, flooring and floor surfaces in your shop. Keeping it tidy and clean to avoid accidents or accidental injury to your customers.

  • Dusting
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning glass surfaces
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Floor cleaning

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Keeping your business premises clean and fresh for your customers

No. We supply all cleaning materials and bring our own cleaning equipment. However, if you prefer to use your own, we can do so.

Absolutely, if you are happy with the cleaner then we will make sure you get the same one every time. There may be times when the cleaner is not available due to sickness or holidays.

Yes, our cleaners are an employees so you don't have to pay hidden charges to an agency. Every cleaner is reference checked and has permission to work in the UK.

No, we don't tie you into contracts.

The most convenient way is to set up a standing order for bank transfer. Our bank details are available on request.

We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange temporary cover.

No contracts

We don't tie you into endless contracts that you have to pay a fee to get out of.

Regular reviews

If you want to have a regular review meetings just let our cleaners know and we'll be more than happy to meet for a review.

Janitorial services

We can supply cleaning materials for your office including bin bags, cloths, toiletries. Making sure your office, practice or shop is maintained to high standards of cleanliness.

Office Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are nice to look at and comfortable to walk on, but they can become a real dirt trap. Even if they look relatively clean, they hide substantial amount of dirt and dust. Your office deserves to look sharp and fresh and your employees deserve a dust free environment. That’s why carpet cleaning in your office should be done on regular basis, at least twice per year. Our team of Yorkshire Cleaning Devils can help you to restore the look of your office carpets and make the office look fresh and clean again.

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