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How to clean your oven inside out and keep it clean

How to clean your oven inside out and keep it clean

Have you been putting off cleaning your oven for weeks, months or even years? Did you know that clean oven speeds up the cooking time, saving you money on energy bills?

Read on to find out how to keep your oven clean, inside and out. Always remember to wear rubber gloves and if you are using abrasive oven cleaners make sure the room is well ventilated.

Best natural oven cleaning products

If you are conscious about the environment and using chemicals to clean your oven don’t worry. You can use eco-friendly ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice.

Make your own natural oven cleaner

Option 1: Mix equal parts of baking soda and white wine vinegar to create a cleaning paste.

Option 2: Mix lemon juice with salt and then spoon onto burnt on food in the oven and leave for a few hours before scrubbing off.

Handy tools for cleaning your oven

  • Metal spatula, glass scraper or ceramic hob scraper to remove cooked on food from surfaces
  • Scrubbing brushes, sponges and scourers (don’t use harsh scourers such as wire wool on a glass oven door because they can leave tiny scratches on the surface of the glass which could weaken it and lead to your oven doors shattering)
  • Old toothbrush

  • Cleaning your oven with steam cleaner

    Handheld steam cleaner is a great way to clean the inside of your oven and remove stains from the oven door. This cleaning method is eco-friendly because you don’t need to use harsh chemicals. Grease, grime and burnt on food will be loosened by the high powered steam and heat. You can then just wipe clean without the need to scrub it.

    Make sure you don’t use the steamer near the oven’s element to prevent damaging it.

    1.How to clean your glass oven door

    When the glass oven door is dirty you will not be able to see inside your oven. Every time you want to check on your food you have to open the oven door, losing the heat, meaning your food will cook for longer and you spend more on energy.

  • Use a glass scraper, metal spatula or ceramic hob scraper to remove baked on foods
  • If you can remove the glass part of the door you can leave it to soak in a solution of warm water and washing up liquid.
  • Check if the oven cleaner is suitable for use on glass. If not, use a soapy water to wipe clean the glass oven door followed by a vinegar based glass cleaner for a steak-free finish.

  • 2.How to clean oven racks

    The easiest option is to wash them in the dishwasher if they will fit. Another option is to fill a plastic box with solution of washing up liquid and warm water and soak the racks for a few hours or overnight. Rinse under warm water and scrub any baked on dirt before wiping clean with microfiber cloth.

    3.How to clean the inside of an oven

  • Switch off your oven at the mains and empty the oven
  • Make sure the oven is completely cool
  • Lay out old newspapers or towels on the floor next to the oven
  • Use a dry brush or scraper to remove burnt on food
  • Spray the inside of the oven with your chosen oven cleaning product or DIY oven cleaner. Spray the sides, corners and ceiling. Avoid spraying the fan or the gas supply elements and pilot light. Leave the product to work
  • If you are using a natural DIY oven cleaner mixed with baking soda and vinegar, leave it on overnight
  • Use scrubbing brushes and scourers to clean stubborn stains
  • Spray vinegar on all surfaces and then wipe out using a damp cloth

  • 4.How to keep your oven clean

  • Line the base of the oven with a non-stick oven liner, you can easily clean it; even in the dishwasher
  • Cover food with a lid or foil when cooking or use roasting bags to stop splatters and spills
  • Use a spare roasting tray to put in the bottom of the oven
  • You could always get your local professional oven cleaning company to do it. It’s convenient, time-saving and without hassle.

    Our local oven cleaners offer highly professional oven cleaning services.

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