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Professional oven cleaners in Doncaster

Yorkshire Cleaning Devils are one of the top cleaning companies in Doncaster offering tip top oven cleaning in Doncaster. Removing grease, grime and burnt-on food from all parts of your oven including stainless steel, glass, enamel and cast iron oven surfaces. Our oven cleaning services in Doncaster cover ovens, hobs, extractors, cookers, microwaves, combination ovens and BBQs. The cleaners use tools and oven cleaning products that protect the enamel surfaces of your oven. Oven cleaning service is also part of our end of tenancy cleaning in Doncaster.

Oven cleaning

Have your oven cleaned regularly by our oven cleaners in Doncaster to keep it in tip top shape. We offer inside out oven cleaning of free standing and built-in ovens.

Oven door & glass

Our cleaners remove the oven doors and clean the inner glass too. Inside and outside of your oven is cleaned and polished.

Oven racks

We remove the oven racks and soak in a cleaning solution that helps dissolve grease, grime and baked-on food. Then we scrub your oven racks and remove as much grime as possible.

Hobs & cooker

Our oven cleaning in Doncaster takes care of gas, electric, halogen ovens. Hob racks, rings, discs and base will be cleaned according to the material. We remove, clean and re-assemble all removable parts.

Extractor hood

In order for your extractor hood to remove cooking odours, the fan must be cleared of dirt and grease. Clean your extractor regularly, and your kitchen will be clean, without odours. We can clean metal filters.


Do you use a microwave or combination oven regularly? It can be time consuming to clean heavily stained microwave or combi oven. Book our oven cleaning service in Doncaster, we have the tools, cleaning products and experience.

Expert tip top oven cleaning by experienced oven cleaners in Doncaster

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oven cleaning services in Doncaster

Having your oven cleaned regularly can prolong its life, improve food cooking times and decrease fire hazard.

oven cleaning service Doncaster

Degreasing oven parts

Oven racks, shelves, fan plates and bulb covers will be removed. We then place them in a cleaning solution to be soaked and to remove burnt-on grime and degrease them. During the time the parts are soaking, the oven cleaner gets to work on scraping off grease and grime accumulated inside the oven.

Cleaning the oven

Then we focus on cleaning the rest of the oven using our special tools, oven cleaning products and degreasers. We also clean the removable parts that were soaked in a cleaning solution, dry them and then re-assemble all parts. The oven door will also be cleaned, including the glass between doors.

Cleaning the hob

Just like with the oven parts, we soak the rings and burners in a cleaning bath to remove burnt-on food and grease. Using a degreasing cleaning product, we clean the surface of the hob. Once we clean all the parts, then we will re-assemble them.

Cleaning the extractor

The extractor will be cleaned with degreaser and cleaning products to remove grime and grease build-up. If you have metal filters, we can clean them and re-assemble. The extractor will be polished with a clean cloth.

“ Really happy with our oven cleaning by Ivana. Arrived on time, worked hard to do a great job, charged exactly as on the quote. The oven truly looks like new. ”


Oven cleaning Doncaster

“ Ivana worked quickly and efficiently, and the oven is now spotless, like new. Very pleased and would highly recommend. ”


Oven cleaning Doncaster

“ I've used Yorkshire Cleaning Devils for oven cleaning before. They did a great job again. They are clean and tidy, and their work is excellent. ”


Oven cleaning Doncaster

Tip top oven cleaning in Doncaster

Yorkshire Cleaning Devils are experienced in cleaning ovens, extractors, microwaves and BBQs for Doncaster residents at affordable prices.

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1. Request a quote

First, request a FREE quote for your oven cleaning. We need to know what type of oven you have and if you require any additional services.

2. Book a slot

After you receive our quote and are happy to move forward, let's book an oven cleaning slot at a convenient date and time.

3. Enjoy clean oven

Wait for our fully insured, experienced and friendly oven cleaner to turn up and deep clean your oven, hobs and other oven parts. Enjoy!


Do you have questions about how we clean ovens, hobs and extractors in Doncaster?

Only parts that are removable are detached and soaked in a cleaning solution. The rest of the cooker is cleaned manually, including the extractor.

Absolutely. We would recommend leaving your oven turned on for 10 - 15 minutes to remove excess moisture.

Only if the oven doors can be safely taken apart, then we will do so.

We accept cash, credit/debit cards and bank transfers.

Our oven cleaning prices start at just £55 for a single 60cm oven. This price includes cleaning the hobs.

Absolutely, cleaning oven trays and grills can be arranged at an additional cost.

Depending on how often you use your oven, we would recommend cleaning it professionally at least twice a year.

To clean grease and grime off your oven, we need hot water and electricity.

Food cooks faster

The heat is distributed evenly in a clean oven. It also retains the heat more efficiently. Food cooked in a clean oven not only tastes better but it will cook evenly throughout.

Save on energy bills

When your oven is clean inside and outside, it can reach the optimal temperature faster. The oven will use less energy, saving you money on energy bills. If your oven door is dirty, you have to open it every time you want to check on your food. Doing so releases heat, and then the oven has to use more energy to increase the temperature again. It will also take longer for food to be cooked.

Minimise fire hazard

If your extractor or oven has grease build-up, it could pose a potential fire risk. Another potential fire hazard is the grease and grime build-up in your oven's internal fan. Be careful not to overfill pots and trays. We would not recommend putting a foil to the bottom of the oven to catch falling food.

Save your time

Having your oven deep cleaned is messy and time consuming. A time that you could spend with your family or enjoying your free time doing something you love. Why not book a professional oven cleaning in Doncaster to free up your time.

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